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Monday, July 4, 2011

Art Therapy for Children

Children are already naturally creative and artistic. Children are more often than not, more comfortable with expressing him or herself by drawing pictures or using colors as a way to show his or her emotions and feelings. Children have a limited vocabulary and it can be intimidating when being questioned by someone other than those whom the child is familiar with. This is why art therapy can be a more workable solution when working with children, especially children whom have been traumatized or distressed. If a child has serious issues, art therapy should be given significant consideration as it can aid the child with learning disorders, provide relief from anxiety or stress and help the child deal with other traumatic events.
By Lani Chipman

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  1. It makes sense that art could be used as a medium to aid in dealing with different issues such as stress and trauma. I have seen other’s helped by just writing down their feelings on paper, and still other individuals are moved or encouraged by music. It is wonderful that there are so many ways to deal with different challenges.